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Mobile Car Detailing In Hopedale 01747

Premium Mobile Auto Detailing for
Massachusetts and Rhode Island

About Dowley Details

Dowley Details makes it easy for you to keep your car showroom-clean.  Our experienced team of detailers come to you (work or home) to provide a premium cleaning service (at the fraction of the price of brick and mortar detailers). 


We maintain a low overhead to ensure we provide the very best prices for the highest quality car detailing service.


You can choose from a range of car detailing packages to keep your car both looking and feeling its best. At Dowley Detail, we offer everything from a Full Detail to our Signature HALF AND HALF Detail – all details are listed below. We recommend topping off any of our car detailing packages with a Ceramic Pro coating, the ultimate in paint protection!  

About Us
Detailing Packages

Detailing Packages

Starting At Only

  • Foam wash on full exterior​--foam lifts dirt and floats it away without rubbing it into the finish (unlike a car wash which can damage car's paint) 
  • Brushing foam wash for emblems, logos and chrome
  • Windows/Mirrors cleaned
  • Wheels/Wheel Wells and Tires cleaned
  • Tire dressing (formula that restores black rubber that has faded over time back to its' original shiny black) 
  • Deep carpet vacuum 
  • Interior wiped down
  • Forced air cleaning (cracks and crevices)
  • Air vent cleaning
  • Door jams wiped down


Starting At Only

  • Windows/Mirrors shined and cleaned 
  • Plastic disinfected and steam cleaned
  • Cup holders drill-brush cleaned
  • Deep shampoo seats, carpets and floor mats
  • Apply UV protectant to all hard interior surfaces to restore shine
  • Leather conditioning (giving your leather that "new car" look and long lasting color)
  • Forced air cleaning (cracks and crevices)
  • Heated extraction of seats and carpets (fully removing stains inside of your carpet or seats!)
  • Trunk extracted (shampooed and washed)
  • Complete odor elimination
  • Door jams deep cleaned
  • Air vent cleaning
  • Pet hair removal


Starting At Only $140

  • Foam Wash on full exterior (foam lifts dirt and floats it away without rubbing it into the finish, unlike a car wash
  • In-depth hand wash with wash mitts all around vehicle 
  • Brushing foam washed emblems, logos, chrome
  • Windows/Mirrors cleaned
  • Wheels/Wheel Wells and Tires Cleaned
  • Streak free cleaning of exterior windows
  • Spray sealant (a polymer-based solution which provides great lasting protection to the paint color of your car).
  • Removal of bugs and other road particles
  • Tire dressing (formula that restores black rubber that has faded over time back to its' shiny black) 
  • Iron decontamination (process of removing those what your regular wash does not).  Contaminants removed come in the form of iron deposits, tar, paint overspray, concrete splatter, or sap.
  • Clay bar treatment (removes contaminants that can slowly destroy your car paint and surfaces, such as rail and brake dust and industrial pollutants)


Starting At Only

The Best Deal with

Save $60 by combining the  Interior and Exterior Detail Packages in one visit!

  • Combines Interior and Exterior detail packages at a DISCOUNTED PRICE
  • Most recommended for drivers looking for a complete "better than new" experience!
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Your 100% Satisfaction is OUR 100% Guarantee

Our job is not finished until you are 100% satisfied.  We do not rush our work and only book a limited number of vehicles a day to ensure you get the very best detailing and value.

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Pick A Plan That's Right For You & Your Budget!

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